The Power Struggle Christian Women Experience in the Marriage Relationship!

wddOften as women, we walk into marriage starry-eyed with big expectations for our marriage relationship.

We feel that we are on top of the world and that our husbands will protect us from every calamity, hurt, and pain.

We think that we will always feel close to our husbands and that we can be ourselves and do what we want to do, despite the adjustments we need to make in the marriage relationship.

In most cases, we spent time as single women with the mentality that we can do want we want and when we want without a care in the world.

But what happens when our super-hero husband seems to mess up our agenda to be ourselves?

What happens when we don’t agree with the way he makes decisions for the marriage relationship?

Do we give in and go along with our husbands or do we try to fight the never-ending battles on sex, money, and parenting, hoping to win?

These dilemmas and struggles we have in marriage with our husbands boil down to two words: “Power Struggle.”

As a woman, you have a hidden power that can allow you to

Marriage Requires Money And Communication

cedOne of the worst reasons to marry someone is for money. Would you agree?

I say this because if you marry a man for his money and he can no longer earn money or if he loses it, then what do you have left?

If you married for money, I’m not sure how much of this will help you, but if you married for love, then keep reading this article.

If you married for love and money is not the only thing on your mind when you think about your husband, you will still at some point need to discuss the topic of finances in your relationship.

In fact, one of the most important conversations you will need to have with your husband is about money. Money or the lack of it can affect your lifestyle, your future, your kids, your well-being, and even your health.

The following things are the biggest problems when it comes to money and marriage:

– Not discussing money
– Blaming your husband for all of your money problems
– Overspending

While all of these problems can threaten to tear up marriages, you don’t need to

Why Not Consider Using These Six Steps

dfEven for those couples that believe their marriage is beyond salvation, there are often several steps that can be taken to recover from a feeling of hopelessness. Rebuilding the lost trust in a relationship can take a lot of time and effort, but for many this extra effort is worthwhile. Here are six steps to learn how to save a marriage:

List issues

Sit down and compile a complete list of the issues or conflicts that are likely to lead to an argument. Work with each other to come to some type of agreement on the best course of action to help solve these issues. Try to take action as soon as new issues start to become noticed to avoid anger or resentment building up over time.

Focus on yourself

In many situations any attempt to encourage a change in a partner can lead to issues with increased defensiveness. For this reason, it can benefit to put a lot of the focus on you in an attempt to solve the relationship. Try to use your own positive energy to discover things that could help to inject more good

I Have A Wonderful Spouse, So Why Am I Just Not Happy? What’s Wrong With Me?

oiIt’s not unusual for me to hear from people who are fully aware that they have a wonderful spouse whom many other people would consider a “catch.”

While it’s a common perception that most people who aren’t happy in their marriage are dealing with a spouse who is lacking in some way, this just isn’t always the case. I can’t tell you how much correspondence I get from people who tell me that their dissatisfaction with their marriage is not their spouse’s fault. In fact, many of them will defend their spouse and outline just how wonderful their spouse really is. Despite this though, they have to admit that they just aren’t happy. And they aren’t sure how to handle it.

You might hear this situation demonstrated this way: “honestly, all of the my girlfriends are jealous of my marriage. My husband is the sweetest man imaginable. He cooks. He leaves me sweet love letters. He is always complimenting me. He is so thoughtful. I hear many of my coworkers complain about husbands who are slobs and who don’t make any effort in their marriage. But

Is It Normal To Stop Talking When You’ve Been Married For A While?

weddIn today’s society, verbal talk is being phased out. I am not saying that to be overly dramatic. I am saying that because I firmly believe it’s true. My grandmother and my mother are about the only people I know who don’t have text or email accounts. They pick up the phone when they want to talk to me, but they are the only ones from whom I’ve never received some sort of electronic communication instead of a phone call. Even our kids will text us instead of call us. Our boss will send us an email rather than calling us into the office. Because of this, the ability to carry on a verbal conversation is on the decline. This is even true in our marriages. I know this because I get an awful lot of correspondence from people who say that they feel that their marriage is in real trouble because they and their spouse don’t talk anymore and this lack of verbal communication has become a real void. They worry about what this might mean for their marriage. Here is just one

How to Be a Good Husband and a Great Father

weeHow can you be a good husband that you promised to be when you were dating your wife? How can you remain a good dad despite all the pressures of life. Once in a while I have heard 2 to 3 people complain about what they are facing in their marriage. Most of them feel that they either ended up in a wrong relationship or rather they were not prepared to have the kid or kids they have.

I however, disagree with them and here are my main reasons. I would go step by step and tackle a few tips that would ensure that you remain a good husband to your wife.

    1. Have a stable mind: You as the man are the head of the family. You will need to have a good understanding of what is going on in your house. This can only be achieved when you are able to understand and come to terms with what is going on. Having a stable mind and are not moved by or shaken by the circumstances of life around you. To achieve this, you can read

Green Card Marriage

dThe theme of marriage is the most important for Russian girls after twenty, if they do not build a career. But they don`t want to see ordinary men beside themselves, they are interested in the wealthy and financially backed foreign partners. They need it in order to go abroad and get a residence permit there.

Girls find the man and start the preparation of documents. And the key question in this case is: where to get married?

As a rule, most women prefer to register the marriage in the groom`s country. If you intend to live permanently in this country then the marriage registration makes the procedure of your moving easier: this marriage will be surely legitimate, and will not need to collect a pile of papers to legalize marriage, as in the case of registration in your homeland.

Sometimes women, fearing of difficulties with visa, which is usual for this situation, dare register the marriage in their country of residence. Psychologists do not recommend to resort to such an option, as there is a risk of being subjected to the charm of first love and marrying

Tips For A Newly-Wed Bride To Adjust In A Nadar Family

fadI sometimes hear from people who are constantly being told how very unhappy their spouse is. It seems that their husband never passes up an opportunity to let them know exactly how miserable the marriage is making him. And yet, it seems that all he is doing is talking with no real goal or objective. Nothing changes. He just releases the hurtful words and continues on, with no changes on the horizon.

Needless to say, this can be very frustrating and hurtful. Because he can lay it on so thickly, you can begin to wonder why someone who is obviously so unhappy would not only retain the marriage, but take no action at all.

Here’s what I mean. Here’s a description of this type of scenario: “For about the last six months, nothing that I do makes my husband happy. He takes every opportunity he has to tell me just how unhappy I make him and just how unhappy he is in our marriage. He will say things like: ‘we never do anything exciting. All we do is fight. It’s like living with a roommate that

10 Common Relationship Issues of Married Couples and Ways to Deal With Them

12No marriage is perfect and relationship issues cannot be avoided in a long-term relationship like marriage. There are a number of issues that married couples go through and here are the common relationship issues couples usually deal with.

Differences in values. Although couples are united as one under the matrimony of marriage, the truth cannot be denied that they are two individuals raised differently and have different set of values. The differences in values can lead to arguments and misunderstandings. One way to deal with differences in values is to learn to choose your battles. If you cannot win against your spouse, learn to accept things as they are or agree to disagree. But it is better to find a middle ground and compromise. Marriage is the union of two individuals and you both have to learn to co-exist and love each other despite your differences to create a harmonious family.

Infidelity. One of the common relationship issues that can lead to divorce is infidelity or cheating. An affair can ruin your marriage and can have a long lasting effect on your children. Infidelity is not

Tips For A Newly-Wed Bride To Adjust In A Nadar Family

e7The Nadar community belongs to the southern most part of the country in Tamilnadu and marriage is an elaborate affair for people belonging to this community. The people of this sect are culturally rich and believe in their tradition strongly although they are very simple at heart and therefore it becomes easy for a newly-wed bride to adjust in the new household and this is an integral part of Nadar matrimony.

Have a quick glance at the tips that can help a newly-wed bride to adjust in a Nadar family.

  • Paying respect to the culture – As part of the culture and heritage of this community, the bride has to pay respect to the culture of the Nadar family. For instance, the newly-wed bride has to get up early in the morning and perform the rituals that are specifically instructed by her mother-in-law. Touching the feet of the elders in the family is an important part of the culture of this community.
  • Food habit – The people of the Nadar community are Brahmins belonging to the state of Tamilnadu. The bride must be conversant with the traditional

How It Affects A Marriage

swBefore talking about extreme jealousy in a relationship, first, what is jealousy?

Jealousy in a relationship like marriage is a common human emotion. When married couples believe that they have exclusive ownership of their spouses, jealousy is normal between couples. It occurs when a spouse is threatened by a person who he or she believes is a rival. Spouses have this feeling of ownership towards their partners that they feel jealous or threatened when they believe a rival appears and might steal their precious spouse. Jealousy can either be based on real threats or imagined threats. It can be either healthy or unhealthy to a marriage.

Is Jealousy Bad?

Jealousy can be healthy and good in a marriage. If jealousy is constructive in a way that it makes couples to be more sensitive with each other’s feelings, to communicate more, to show more affection to each other and it reminds them of their love and commitment to each other, then it is good. A little jealousy is an affirmation that couples value and love each other so much that they don’t want to lose each other.

But if

9 Reasons Why Relationships Fail

wdIs your relationship going downhill? Maintaining a relationship is not easy and most couples encounter a few bumps along the road to a lasting relationship. If not recognized earlier, these bumps could push couples to take the relationship to the wrong direction leading to break-ups or divorce. It is important to recognize these relationship killers ahead of time to avoid further damage. There are reasons why relationships fail and once these reasons are recognized ahead of time, you’ll have a better chance of saving your troubled relationship. Although no one can enumerate all the reasons why relationships fail, we have listed here the top reasons. So what are these relationship killers?

Poor or lack of communication. One way to connect with each other is for couples to have a strong and regular communication. Couples tend to drift apart due to poor or lack of communication. Many relation problems start with lack of communication. Assuming that you know what your partner or spouse is thinking is dangerous to your relationship. Misunderstandings and arguments are often the result of not communicating with your spouse or partner. If

How It Affects A Marriage

wxThese days divorces are not that uncommon. Unlike divorce, you can still save your marriage in the case of separation. How to save my marriage during separation? Many who go through separation ask this question. Well, there is still hope when it comes to separation, especially if you want to make it work. So, you shouldn’t give up at all. Who knows, it can be the beginning of something new in your life.

Communication is really important

When it comes to separation, communication is really important. You should keep communicate with your spouse during the separation. After all, you are still technically married to each other. When it comes to separation culminating in divorces, poor communication is the biggest reason. Poor communication can later turn into no communication at all, thus resulting in divorce. First and foremost, you need to accept the fact that you need good advice.

Separated couples find it hard to approach and communicate with their spouses. Well, we are going to give you a few good tips which you can use to ease the communication.

You need to set guidelines

You need to set some

First Steps To Save Your Marriage

ewwHow do you go about trying to save your marriage?

For one, stop fighting with your spouse over stupid things.

Another step to save your marriage is stop using work and the kids as an excuse for having a horrible relationship.

Also, do at least one positive thing each day to make your marriage better.

Can you imagine how much better your marriage could be if you took these baby steps over the next 30 to 60 days?

Now, obviously changing your relationship from bad to good to great won’t happen overnight. But I assure you that it will never happen if you don’t start taking steps to save your marriage.

How about you start right now? Send your spouse a text message or email and simply say “I love you”. Nothing more and nothing less!

If you feel good after sending such a text you have just taken a baby step forward to save your marriage. Now, you do realize that in order to keep moving forward you can’t say I love you in a text message and call your spouse an idiot later in the day because he or

Does Misery Really Love Company

poWell I can’t totally verify that, but I can say that there is at least some truth to that statement. Before I get into it let me talk to you for a minute because I want to cover a few things before I get into how this relates to physical intimacy in marriage.

I’ve witnessed so many marriages end prematurely. The discomfort of feeling like you are in it alone, coupled with what is seemingly a devastating event in marriage can easily take out even the strongest person. When you are going through in marriage, it’s hard to see other couples around you who appear to be doing well. Often times you can feel like something must be wrong with you and/or your spouse. While you aren’t totally off in that thought, know that your struggles are not unique. The only thing that is unique is your experience. Oh yeah! Those couples that appear to be doing so wonderful may or may not have it all together either. 50% of them have either had an issue in the past and worked it out or are

8 Ways to Fix an Unhappy Marriage

crMarriage is not always a bed of roses. A perfect marriage doesn’t exist and it is normal to have those not so happy moments but what if there are more unhappy moments in your marriage than happy times? Is your marriage getting difficult and unhappy? All options and solutions must be exhausted before considering leaving an unhappy marriage. As long as there is love and respect in a marriage, it is best to do something and fix an unhappy marriage to avoid the pain of divorce.

Here are some helpful ways to fix an unhappy marriage.

Figure out the cause of unhappiness in your marriage. The best way to fix an unhappy marriage is to think back and pinpoint the time when your marriage started to become unhappy. What marriage issues causing the unhappiness? Do you and your spouse became too focused on your careers or other responsibilities that you eventually drifted apart? Is cheating or infidelity involved? Is financial or money problems causing the trouble in your relationship? Do you have a support network? Do you live away from your families and friends? Do you

Which Steps Should You Follow

3dHaving your spouse move back in after a trial separation is the goal that most of us are hoping for more than anything else. That is the day that is marked in red on your calendar. That is the day that is going to seem like Christmas morning and your birthday all rolled into one.

But as the day looms large, you can start to worry about it. Many of us are aware that this might be our one and only chance to reconcile with our husband. What if something goes wrong? What if him moving home ends up in disaster? Because of these worries, people sometimes want to break the process down into steps to make sure that they are doing everything that they possibly can to be successful.

Someone may ask this question: “are there any steps that I can take to ensure that my separated husband’s return home is seamless and successful? I have waited for this day for so long. And I truly do not want to mess things up and cause stress by overthinking it. But I can not help myself.

Can Marriages Survive It

efI sometimes hear from folks who are reluctant to agree to a long amount time of away from their spouse. Often, the marriage has been struggling and they are afraid that the time apart is going to be more than the marriage can handle.

Regardless, often the spouse who is being asked to stay put wants to accompany their spouse because the idea of being separated for an extended period of time scares them. They are afraid that the physical separation is going to turn into a literal separation. Someone might say: “my husband has a long-term job offer in another state. I admit that it is a great opportunity. And I probably would not be as worried about it if our marriage was doing great. But it is not. We have been struggling for almost a year. I also feel that my husband would not be considering this position if our marriage was still thriving. Since he is considering it, I feel like he is trying to escape me and our marriage. He is telling me that he thinks that a separation will do

Redefining Your Perception on Marriage

saSo many singles just hear that people are getting married and want to do same for the wrong reasons. They do not know what they are getting themselves into. The glamour of the wedding beclouds their judgement and the promise of a happy life ever after propels them to make decisions with their heads and not their hearts. No matter how many marital books you read or marriage seminars you attend, you can never be too prepared for marriage. There’s nothing like the real deal, so learn to manage your expectations so that you don’t get disappointed. Many singles think that they will be good marriage counselors because of the wealth of knowledge they garnered from books, only to get married and realize that it is easier to assess others than to be assessed. They soon discover the difference between literature and reality.

Many people have painted for themselves, a lovey-dovey picture about marriage portrayed by Rom-Com movies and Romance novels and this make singles fantasize and anticipate a perfect marriage. Romance is a good thing but just before you dive in, stop and ask

Sometimes I Feel Like I Don’t Care Enough About My Spouse Or My Marriage

dI believe that most of us like to think that the deterioration of our marriage would be swift and noticeable. We like to think that it would be an obvious change that we would not only notice, but to which we would quickly react. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Much of the time, the deterioration of a marriage is a slow and gradual slide. We may not notice it until it has reached a point of crisis. Our attention may not fall on it until it can almost seem to be too late to do much about it. And then we look around and we realize that our marriage just may be in big trouble.

Someone might say: “I honestly don’t know how it’s happened. I always considered myself as someone who had a strong marriage. And one of the reasons that it was so strong is because my husband and I always made it a priority. But over the last year and a half, there have been dramatic changes. And I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t notice them at first. And